Life in Pictures

During the holidays, I had some free time. Being antisocial and not knowing what to do with all that time I looked for pictures that described my life. I couldn't figure out how to blog pictures until now. ...I think. My recent life in pictures:

This is me. (I'm the blonde.)

This is who I want to grow up to be.
This is where I live.

And the canyon I drive everyday...

To work at Snowbird.

This is where I spend most of my time.
 Studying Anthropology from texts like this so I can have
a degree like this

This is my laptop. I tote it everywhere during school but...
I downsized my technology usage...

 And much prefer this pack to my school bag.
But this is my favorite way to use a pack. Life goal is backpacking when I am 60. I will.
I love shoes. These are my favorites. They get used.
This is my snowboard.

 I also ski. I'm not that good but I love both.

Things about me: I love fashion and love to get dressed up but feel just as great going with my natural self. 

I love food! I love the activity of eating food with good company. I am also a movie junky. Give me a midnight showing and I'm there. Mostly for the vibe of fans gathering in one place.

I love this place. So many reasons.

Things that terrify me:

 Aquatic life! Morray Eels and Kelp Forrests. If I had nightmares, this is what they would be filled with.

Being burned again. I get sick to my stomache thinking about it. Pain. So much pain.

Things that are really wonderful:

Dog sitting Nacho.
One of the most zen moments in my life caught on camera.

Austria. I've never been here. But I fell in love the moment I saw this place.
I will go here too.

I want a library like this.

And if I could have any vehicle, my first choice is the wood panel Grand Wagoneer. The second, a cool $150k it BETTER be made by AMG.
This is my baby. I love my Jeep.

But, most importantly, the one thing I've discovered is what I am all about.
People. Every kind. The human condition. Discovering we are all
part of humanity. Finding out What Makes Us Human?

And, knowing every person has a different take on the world and what a great life there is to live by finding out what story every one of us has to tell. I intend to spend my life finding out just that.