Thursday, April 9, 2009

Health and Fitness

April 8th I became a 12-week member of Total Health & Fitness. I have a gym membership I've used maybe a dozen or so times over the last two years. I have never bought into the fitness stuff sold at gyms, tv, and on the radio. I have never dieted one day in my life. I will never diet one day in my life. There have only been one or two friends I have ever considered their advice when it came to fitness. It's a big shocker for me too.

Total Health & Fitness impressed me. They are a consultant business. Essentially, they give you the knowledge and training to wade through all the misinformation out there, not only for now- but to maintain a healthy lifestyle for life that fits with you. They are comprised of exercise science and fitness professionals. They don't believe in diets; they do believe in having a healthy diet. They don't require you to take supplements other than a multivitamin (I take my handy Flintstones Gummies.) You don't even need a gym pass. To state how non-gimmicky they are: PEHP has added them to their insurance health plan and touts the program. They have recieved business of the year awards numerous years running. Be prepared to committ. It's not simple to change your health and fitness abilities and habits overnight.

When I went in I was looking for one thing: The knowledge and skills to become healthy and stay healthy for life. When I am 60 I intend to take all my kids on a backpacking trip. If I intend to live such an active life I better make it part of my lifestyle now. I also have a strong desire to keep my body in as good of shape as I can. There are so many scientific studies out there touting the thousands of wonderful benefits exercise and healthy eating have but finding the right way to accomplish this has eluded me. My health is important to me and I can't put a value on feeling great. (Looking as great as I feel is always a nice side effect I can live with.) This has always been a goal of mine. More recently the urgency has been increasing on the recommendation of my Dr. to make the change... as a stress reliever and a remedy to a lot of things that ail me.

So, I start my journey and already it's tough to change my habits. I bought a lot of healthy food and it's simple to follow while I learn. The program is tailored to fit my lifestyle and the expectations are realistic. My only complaint is that I am now attempting to drink 96 ounces of water a day. That's a lot of water.