Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Golden Rule

Life's little lessons:
  • The golden rule is a lot harder to follow as you age than at first blush in kindergarten when you learn it five times before you remember it.
  • It took me 23 years to discover the golden rule is really one sided.
  • The golden rule is not a formula. You cannot use an if/then statement either.
  • It would be more aptly named the "how to interact with other humans" rule.
  • Why's it golden?
  • If by chance you meet a frown, do not let it stay, quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away. Life's so much easier that way. Although, the headstand is sometimes inconvenient....
  • If you listen to what everyone says you should do, you'll never get anything done.
  • Words of wisdom:
    "If the cinnamon rolls are gold, it's golden."
    That's living life right there. Stating life is good just because there's cinnamon rolls is saying a lot.
  • Changed my life: "We do not the see the world as it is. We see it as we are."